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Does any of this sound familiar?

Overwhelmed with creating a cohesive Instagram feed.

Frustrated with editing, and can’t get it like the famous “Instagrammers”.

Unsure how to make your photos look beautiful & dreamy.

Tirelessly trying to step up your Instagram game, but aren’t getting more followers nor engagement.

Sick of watching YouTube videos on how to edit your photos.

What if I told you that you could…


Instead of wasting countless hours on YouTube, you can instantly apply presets to multiple images at a time. Presets + Batch Processing = Winning


Ever wonder how the famous Instagrammers get such a beautifully curated theme? It all comes down to staying consistent with your edits. Using these Lightroom Presets will give you the ability to create a cohesive gallery.


Chances are, your favorite Instagrammers are using Lightroom to edit their photos. I’ve created these presets inspired by some of the most popular accounts out there.


Each preset has a ‘Dreamy’ option that will instantly give your photos that soft glow you’ve been wanting to achieve.


The Desert Child Preset Pack helps with bringing back that overexposed skies to make every photo a bit more interesting and dramatic.


The Desert Child

Lightroom Preset Pack



Carefully refined presets to enhance your landscape photos with a single click



Beautiful variations including original, dreamy, matte, moody, and washed


Presets Total

A total of 40 perfected presets that you can use to step up your Instagram game!


Click each tab to view each preset sample below

01 Sand Dunes

Perfect for sunset pics

Sand Dunes will give your photos
dusky sunset tones with warm

02 Sahara Desert

Perfect for beach pics

Sahara desert will turn those blue

hues into soft pastel blues and

bring out more warm tones.

03 Palm Springs

Perfect for colorful pics

Use Palm Springs for more vibrance

in your shots. It’s great for pictures

with lots of color.

04 Desert Moon

Perfect for ocean pics

Desert Moon turns blue hues into a

pretty turquoise color. It also

emphasizes any golden light.

05 Morocco

Perfect for achieving


If you want bright and pastel

colors, Morocco is the perfect

preset for that.

06 Terra Cotta

Perfect for forest pics

Terra Cotta will bring out more burnt

orange hues and will desaturate

green hues. Perfect for pics with a lot

06 of greenery.

07 Succulent

Perfect for desert landscapes

Succulent will mute green hues and

saturate orange tones for a more

bright and golden look.

08 Oasis

Perfect for warmer


Oasis will create a cooler tone for

photos. Great for decreasing

excessive warmth.

5 Different Variations per Preset

Original, Dreamy, Matte, Moody, and Washed






What the Desert Child Preset Pack Includes

8 carefully crafted presets with 5 different variations, so a total of 40 presets!

A well-designed installation guide to help you get started.

A booklet on how to use each preset.

Sample ‘before & after’ photos using the presets.

Who the Desert Child Preset Pack is For?

You use Lightroom or want to start using it to edit your photos

You’re a photographer who wants to accelerate your workflow

You’re an Instagram enthusiast who wants better edits

You take a lot of travel & landscape photos

You are looking to improve your photo game overall

A free gift for you

10 extra BONUS presets (50 total presets) if you purchase by…

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use these presets in Lightroom Mobile?

    The presets were originally made for your computer/laptop. However, if you really want to use them on your mobile you can. It’s a trickier process but you can learn to do it here. Click here.

  2. What version Lightroom can I use these in?

    These presets are compatible with Lightroom 4 and above (5, 6, Creative Cloud).

  3. Do my images need to be RAW?

    No. Although, I highly recommend that you use RAW images, the presets are also compatible with jpeg.

  4. Do my images need to be of the desert?

    No. The presets were tested and created for all sorts of landscapes from beaches, to mountains, forests, etc. Desert Child Preset Pack was only inspired by desert hues.




Hey, I’m Carmelisse!

Hey there! I’m Carmelisse, a photographer and creative who is passionate about helping people and creating! I have tried everything from computer programming, web designing, social media marketing, travel blogging, blog consulting, etc.

I guess you can say I’ve worn many hats, but after experimenting with all sorts of things, I’ve realized my true love and passion is photography. Right now I am on a journey of creating a photography business and I want to bring you a long with me.

I never knew how to get started and I had so many questions I couldn’t find answers for. Now that I’m finally learning to get things going, I hope to teach you what I learn along the way.

I created these presets with love and I’m incredibly excited to share them with you all! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit this page. You can follow more of my adventures on my Instagram: @carmelisse.

Love & Light,